9 Times the Orozco Mural Captured Your Week 9 Struggles

By Lucy Tantum | 11/10/15 4:26am

Welcome to week nine! It’s that point in the term when you might look up from your p-set to see a painting of someone being tortured and think, Wow, I can totally relate to that. Luckily, the Orozco Mural Room is full of images that encapsulate the end-of-term experience.
1. When you’re just trying to keep it together but everything is falling apart.

2.When every conversation becomes a pity party about workloads.

3.When you walk by a tour group after a night in the 1902 Room.

4.When you want to hang out with your friend, but they just want to take a nap.

5.When you get wired on caffeine and feel like you’re in the movie “Limitless” (2011).

6.When you try to catch up on the reading you’ve missed since week three.

7.When you decide to sleep instead of doing said reading.

8.When you see that FoCo has chocolate chip banana bread, and this is the highlight of your week (or possibly month).

9.When you feel like the Academic Rigor gods are punishing you for something.

Lucy Tantum