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Beyond the Bubble: Don't Be That Person

(11/11/15 12:04pm)

This a story about my first and last visit to the London Eye. I'm warning you now: it's going to be uncomfortable. I want you to feel as uncomfortable reading this post as I felt while locked in a capsule 400 feet above the ground with an elderly woman strapped to my right arm. After an incredibly exhausting week of midterm exams, course election and a stomach bug that had my face stuck in the toilet bowl for more hours than I care to cover, I decided to treat myself to a weekend trip to London. I had absolutely zero plans, zero friends and zero white blood cells, so as soon as I reached my hotel in South Kensington, I found a map and went to work planning my next few days. I naively googled "Places to see in London," and was immediately inundated with pictures of Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and the British Museum (I was alsogracedwith pictures of a balding middle-aged man posing provocatively in aleather Union Jack bikini).

9 Times the Orozco Mural Captured Your Week 9 Struggles

(11/10/15 9:26am)

Welcome to week nine! It’s that point in the term when you might look up from your p-set to see a painting of someone being tortured and think, Wow, I can totally relate to that. Luckily, the Orozco Mural Room is full of images that encapsulate the end-of-term experience. 1. When you’re just trying to keep it together but everything is falling apart.

I'm Sprung: Examining Residential Cluster Planning

(11/09/15 3:26pm)

Last Monday, the College unveiled its plan for the six house communities that students will be sorted into beginning next fall. I, however, would like to focus on one major part of this plan that went largely unnoticed — the two temporary buildings that will be built as “living room spaces” for the communities as other residence halls’ social spaces are renovated. The first temporary building will be constructed between Gile and Hitchcock Halls and is referred to by the College as a “modular building,” which according to Wikipedia looks something like this:

8 People Who Deserve Honorary Degrees at Dartmouth

(11/09/15 11:53am)

Dartmouth’s Council on Honorary Degrees recently began compiling nominations for potential recipients. Honorary degrees will be awarded at Commencement in the spring, but faculty and members of the graduating class have been requested to offer names of individuals to be considered for the honorary degrees. While we’re sure there are some great ideas, we wanted to be sure to put these names on the table. Souleymane:Likely the happiest, most iconic and beloved member of the Dartmouth family, it’s time for us to show Souleymane how much we truly appreciate him and offer him an honorary degree. Seeing him at the Hop can brighten anyone’s day, and if there’s anyone deserving of being on this list, it’s him.

5 Worst People in Your Final Project Group

(11/06/15 3:29pm)

Group projects are some of the greatest experiences we have during our academic careers. By greatest, I mean most excruciating, unbearable, ridiculous and trite form of forced cooperation to which our fearless leaders (endowed with their fancy PhDs) subject our fragile minds. College is all about independence, right? Close, but leave off the “in-” next time. In high school, group projects were different. We were the ones who volunteered to do the hard work. Why? Because, if you want it done right, you do it yourself. Then you tell your partners how to explain your findings to the ‘teach. Group projects at this lofty institution, however, are an entirely different animal. Everyone is intelligent, a “doer.” Be afraid (especially you ’19s). There are creatures lurking in every class roster that will make you lose countless hours of precious sleep. I have taken liberty to classify these beasts, so you know what to look out for the next time (if you’re lucky) your professor gives you the exquisite privilege of choosing your own group.

Fact or Fiction: The Most Iconic (Fictional) Dartmouth Alumni

(11/03/15 12:17pm)

From Doctor Seuss to Shonda Rhimes, Dartmouth has produced a variety of extremely successful individuals in various fields. While these individuals enjoy campus-wide notoriety — and often have their last names plastered across buildings — we as a student body often forget about our most important alumni: the fictional men and women who spread the Dartmouth name throughout the world of literature and cinema. Today we honor these very important people with a ranking of the nine most iconic fictional Dartmouth alumni. 9. Bella and Edward (The Twilight Saga)

19 Thoughts I Had During the Dartmouth vs. Harvard Football Game

(11/02/15 2:10pm)

With both teams 3-0 in the Ivy League, the Big Green took on the Harvard Crimson Friday night in Cambridge for a match that likely determined the conference champion. Most people can agree that watching the game on TV or catching up with the highlights is not the same as being there in real-time. It’s a full experience that’s defined by the little things. To help you feel like you were there, Dartbeat has created a narration of that experience (complete with GIFs, of course). Before the Game

Beyond the Bubble: If You're Bored, You're Boring

(10/28/15 3:02pm)

I am beginning to think that my travels abroad are less about "studying" and "finding myself" than they are about “Game of Thrones.” Everywhere GoT goes, I follow. During my first trip to Europe, I spent most of my time in Northern Ireland. I watched hundreds of extras line up outside of Titanic Studios in Belfast, and I ate lunch on the rocky coastline where Melisandre gave birth to her demon shadow baby.

Could You Look Happier Please?

(10/27/15 3:08pm)

Ah, fall. The leaves are turning, it’s beautiful hiking weather (we have recovered) and the sweet smells of maple-cinnamon-pumpkin spice and procrastination — leaving midterm studying, case interview practice and cover letter writing to tomorrow — are in the air. Elizabeth: Also, the smell of corn is in the air. According to social media, at least, everyone went to the same corn maze this weekend. “Basic” has (thank god) left most people’s daily lingo, but could probably be applied to everyone at Dartmouth who partook in this adventure. But if corn mazes are basic, that’s fine with me - if 4,000 other people agree with me, I am quite excited, because we all have something in common! Corn mazes are bomb. You can simultaneously have a fantastic time and make fun of yourself through ironic (or legit) Insta posts afterwards. (@haveyourkake #spendinmydayslockedinamaize)

Dartbeat Reviews: Hanover's Pumpkin Spice Lattes

(10/27/15 12:46pm)

Are you too tired to find a filter for your #basic Instagram post? Are you cold despite donning your #basic black North Face jacket? If the answer is yes, a #basic fall drink just might solve your woes. Enter the pumpkin spice latte (or the “PSL,” as the kids are saying these days). It’s just the thing for getting into the fall spirit. We reviewed Hanover’s variety of pumpkin spice lattes on a four-star scale, so take a break from figuring out your #basic prof pic caption and let us guide you to the perfect latte.