Could You Look Happier Please?

By Katie Hake and Elizabeth McNally | 10/27/15 11:08am

Ah, fall. The leaves are turning, it’s beautiful hiking weather (we have recovered) and the sweet smells of maple-cinnamon-pumpkin spice and procrastination — leaving midterm studying, case interview practice and cover letter writing to tomorrow — are in the air.
Elizabeth: Also, the smell of corn is in the air. According to social media, at least, everyone went to the same corn maze this weekend. “Basic” has (thank god) left most people’s daily lingo, but could probably be applied to everyone at Dartmouth who partook in this adventure. But if corn mazes are basic, that’s fine with me - if 4,000 other people agree with me, I am quite excited, because we all have something in common! Corn mazes are bomb. You can simultaneously have a fantastic time and make fun of yourself through ironic (or legit) Insta posts afterwards. (@haveyourkake #spendinmydayslockedinamaize)

Speaking of basic, last year, Katie and I actually were “basic” for Halloween. We carried around a cutout Instagram frame that Elizabeth artistically designed for the occasion and wore flannels, leggings, vests and boots. We also strategically held Starbucks cups that had previously contained the PSLs we’d drunk earlier in the day. It was a high point for our well-practiced “resting bitch faces” and being the life of the party, i.e. letting other people take pictures with our life-size Insta frame.

This past weekend, Katie carried a questionably square disco ball balloon around a frat basement in honor of disco-themed semi. It gained much admiration and solidified her opinion that the best costumes involve fun party props. So what if she hit other people/herself in the face with the balloon when trying to fit it into a picture? Totally worth it.

Stay tuned next week for an update on this year’s costume!

Katie: The moral of the story is that I don’t often enter frat basements, but when I do, I make sure I bring something distracting.
I love fall. I love Homecoming and crisp air and taking pictures of peak foliage and hiking and the idea of football. Midterms? Not so much. But Elizabeth continues to yell at me every time I bring up the fact that this is our last fall as Dartmouth undergrads, and I continue to remind myself that however much I’m looking forward to winter break, I also need to slow down amidst the chaos and appreciate the beauty of this term.

And remember, say something scarier than “BOO” this Halloween, like “15FinalFall” or “corporate recruiting.”

Good luck.

Katie Hake and Elizabeth McNally