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May 30, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note: Green Key Special Issue 2023

The editors of “Beneath the Green,” the Green Key Special Issue 2023, hope that readers think critically about the systems and practices that make Dartmouth the institution that it is.


Welcome to Green Key weekend 2023! Just a few weeks ago, the grass was still brown and the sun rarely showed its rays behind the overcast skies. Now, we lounge on the Green doing homework and eating takeout with friends as we anxiously await the biggest weekend of the term: Green Key. 

The College has changed in many ways since the first Green Key Weekend took place in 1929, and so have the College’s initiatives regarding sustainability, education and the arts. In this issue, we take a deep dive “beneath the Green,” investigating the systems and practices that not only allow the College to operate, but also define it as an institution. We consider Dartmouth’s recycling initiatives, report on the evolution of how women have celebrated Green Key and look behind the scenes at some of Dartmouth’s everyday dining processes. We hope to spark conversations about sustainability, the outdoors and what makes Dartmouth truly “green.” 

We also hope our readers walk away from these stories with newfound gratitude for the many things Dartmouth does well, along with insights on where it may be lacking. Most importantly, we want readers to think about how we — as students, faculty and other members of the Dartmouth community — can make it better. 

As the campus comes together for Green Key Weekend, excited to hear live music and make memories with friends, we hope you take a few quiet moments to appreciate the College for what it was, is and will continue to be. Stay safe and have fun! 

Rock on, 

Addison, Gianna and Will