Caroline Kramer

The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Caroline (‘24) is a Mirror writer and photographer for The Dartmouth. She is from Palo Alto, California, and is interested in majoring in government.


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Dear ’24s: Freshmen Reflect, in Their Own Words, on Fall Term

Dear Class of 2024, These 10 weeks have flown by much quicker than I expected. I was nervous to be on campus, but I'm now very grateful that I came. I’m going to miss being here.  The experience certainly wasn't what I originally expected. Given the circumstances, some things were difficult.



Here Today and Gone Tomorrow: Students React to Classmates Being Sent Home

As we approach Halloween here at Dartmouth, there’s a heightened level of fear across the student body. This fear, however, is not caused by your typical horror film or haunted house. Rather, it is the result of a steady stream of unknowns, distrust and paranoia surrounding one of the most concerning trends of fall term: students being forced to leave campus for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19 policy violations. 



Lest the (Virtual) Traditions Fail

You can hear it in the lingo-packed conversations on the Green, see it on the faces of students as they marvel at Hanover’s fall colors and read it in the words of adoration from alumni: Dartmouth is home to a uniquely tight-knit community, the closeness of which stems largely from years of tradition.