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March 4, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note

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Well, you know what they say — all’s well that ends well. But as we grapple with cramming for finals, packing for winterim and resisting the constant urge to belt the heart wrenching lyrics of every song on Taylor Swift’s re-recorded Red album, maybe ‘well’ is setting our expectations a little too high. Might we suggest a far more achievable motto: all’s well that ends. And what a peculiar ending it is. It almost feels too calm — no crazy end-of-term COVID-19 outbreak, no pandemic sending us packing for the foreseeable future and, perhaps strangest of all, no mid-November snowstorms to serve as a harbinger for the winter term ahead (but we don’t want to jinx it — knock on wood for us). 

This week at Mirror, we investigate what students are doing during their off-terms and how ’25s are navigating the post-frat ban social scene. We shed light on the student-run app DartDashed and share how Indigenous  students are celebrating Thanksgiving and unpacking its complex meaning. We check in with students who are running out of DBA — and those who have plenty to spare — as the term comes to a close.  One writer reflects on the odd-but-entertaining Novack posters, while another looks back on the challenges she has overcome during her first term at Dartmouth.  

21F was surely one for the books; it marked a return to normalcy after nearly two years of disruption, and with it came a newfound appreciation for all the little, serendipitous encounters that could never be translated accurately over Zoom. Looking to 22W, we hope to continue this momentum and enter the term with the same excitement and freshness we did 21F.