Editors' Note

This week at Mirror, we explore the unexpected.

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 10/20/21 2:00am

by Peyton Bond / The Dartmouth

Blink and you’ll miss it — another Dartmouth term has passed its halfway point. And after a week-long, unseasonal warm spell, we’ve finally made our way into the chilly mid-October mornings that are oh-so-typical of New England fall. And you know what else is oh-so-typical? The ever-persistent cold that is passing through campus and the mid-week slump that seems to have its hold on so many of us. But it’s not too late to reignite that spark! 

This week at Mirror, we investigate the labor shortage and its impact on local businesses and students living in residence halls with mold share their experiences. One writer reflects on the “other side” of sorority rush, and another explores the Norwich Farmers Market. 

The ebb and flow of fall term can seem predictable, but we invite you to make use of the latter half of the term and explore the unexpected — so, strike up a conversation with a townie, venture outside the Upper Valley, talk to that stranger that sits next to you in your 2A. You never know what you might find! 

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