Editors’ Note

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 10/27/21 2:00am

by Alexandra Ma / The Dartmouth Staff

It’s a weird time at Dartmouth: Fall foliage is post-peak, the usual sunny blue sky has been masked by grey clouds and we’re at the lull before the second round of midterms. At night, the humid air creates a murky haze over the lampposts that light the Green, replicating an eerie horror-movie scene. This weekend is also Halloween, which perhaps contributes to the unsettling nature of this week. 

In this issue of Mirror, we speak with members of the Class of 2024 on grief, loss and what they would like to see changed in the College, and we shed light on what the late-night food scene looks like this term. We also highlight Farm Club and the human-centered design minor.

Whether or not you will be partaking in Halloween festivities this season, we hope you embrace the spookiness of week seven instead of letting it scare you. And there’s something beautiful about being in a twilight zone; honestly, a late-night stroll can induce a main-character moment (albeit, of a horror movie). Do with that what you will.