Editors’ Note

Welcome back to in-person classes, in-person tours and in-person Trips.

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 9/15/21 2:00am

by Alexandra Ma / The Dartmouth Staff

Ah, yes; the familiar scene of students shuffling in between classes, the hum of chatter in the post-10As line in Collis and the faint — but ever-lingering — smell of fear. We’re back on campus, but our first-week-of-class glow is covered up by a familiar rectangular piece of fabric that makes it nearly impossible to recognize one another (sorry if we accidentally stare blankly at you for a few seconds; we’re trying to figure out if you’re actually our roommate from freshman year or a ’25). Despite these obstacles, we at Mirror are excited for these next ten weeks at Dartmouth and the opportunities that an in-person academic term provides. 

This week at Mirror, we hear from a First-Year Trips leader about the failures and successes of a modified version of Trips and ask our writers some back-to-school questions. We also follow a virtual campus tour and shed light on how a senior is feeling about returning to Dartmouth after a tumultuous year. 

While we can’t say that things are fully back to normal now, we can all agree that being together sure feels right. So let’s take advantage of being on campus as much as we can: Schedule that lunch date you’ve been talking about, talk to the person behind you in the Hop line and maybe even get to know some of those new (or old) masked faces in class. We’ve got a lot to make up for, and we can’t wait to start.