Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 11/18/20 2:00am

by Sophie Bailey / The Dartmouth

Well, we did it — we finished 20F. Whether that means completing your first term in Hanover or managing to stay sane while taking online classes in your childhood home, we all have something to celebrate. This fall was not without its obstacles and difficult moments, but we can all take pride in knowing that despite all that the world has thrown at us — a pandemic, a divisive election, remote learning — we managed to persevere. 

This week at Mirror, we take a step back and reflect on the past 10 weeks. We look at Tutor Clearinghouse’s recent adjustments, check in with transfer students on how they have fared this term and ask ’24s to think back on their first quarter at Dartmouth. We shed light on the ways that various clubs have worked to keep their new members engaged remotely, the unique ways that students have created their own study spaces and the challenges of navigating the meal plan at Dartmouth for students struggling with disordered eating. We also look to the future: We ask students how they plan to spend the holidays, explore how fall term has impacted students’ decisions to be on campus in the winter and how the Dartmouth Skiway will provide recreational opportunities for students next term. 

As they say, winter is coming. This new season will certainly bring a whole host of new challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re breaking out your parka for a New England winter or planning on sticking out the term somewhere warm (in which case we are very, very jealous) the Dartmouth community will stay strong no matter how dispersed we all are. And with that, it’s a wrap from us: We’ll see you in the new year.