Mia Seymour

Mia ('23) is a writer for the Mirror section of The Dartmouth. She is from West Hartford, Connecticut. Though she is still undecided, she is leaning toward some combination of an economics or computer science modified with digital arts major. On campus, Mia is active in her housing council, DCSI and the Aquinas House.




A Bumpy Journey

Students reflect on the pressure to continue their rigorous Dartmouth lifestyles while recovering from concussions. 

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A Shot in the Dark: Students Receive Early Vaccines

When I virtually signed Dartmouth’s “Community Expectations” agreement last summer, I didn’t think much of a certain line. I agreed to “receive a vaccine for COVID-19, should one become available that is both FDA- and Dartmouth-approved,” if I wanted to live on campus and access Dartmouth’s facilities. At that point, a COVID-19 vaccine seemed years away — a promise overshadowed by the stress of preparing for a virtual academic year.



Making the Grade: Students Adapt to Reduced Tutoring Resources

At the end of week five, I hit a breaking point studying for my upcoming microeconomics exam. In a stressed-out frenzy, I sent an email to the Tutor Clearinghouse, politely asking if my individual tutoring request for ECON 21 had been processed. I added that I “would be really grateful if my requested pairing could be made!”

Baker Tower looks over the Green. 


What’s a ’23 To Do? Making Decisions About Winter Term

I remember finishing my work shift in late July and pulling out my phone to see 235 unread messages. I braced myself for what I already knew: term assignments had come out. Everything I had speculated about sophomore year would change once I opened my email from the Registrar. Disbelief struck when I read that I had been approved for only one term, summer.  

An archival photograph shows an earlier iteration of Dartmouth Hall in 1867.


Smallpox Yesterday, COVID-19 Today

To make sense of COVID-19, we do what we’ve always done when studying emerging historical events — we compare. So naturally, I decided to investigate past disease outbreaks on Dartmouth’s campus. 

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