Solenne Wolfe

Solenne ('24) is a writer for the Mirror. She is from New York City and is interested in environmental studies and quantitative social science. On campus, she's a member of the club triathlon team and the policy debate team.


Members of the Class of 2024 got their traditional Twilight Ceremony, albeit a year later than they had hoped.



Solenne Wolfe ’24 reflects on how a year-delayed Twilight Ceremony could not create the impact it intended. 

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Consulting our Lack of Options

Dartmouth has a history of shuffling students into consulting and finance jobs post-grad. But are those really the only career paths worthy of consideration?

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Leaning Away From Language: Students and Professors React to Guarini Budget Cuts

Whether you love or hate the D-Plan, Dartmouth’s academic calendar makes it possible for students to travel widely throughout their time in college. Many students cite their study abroad program as the highlight of their Dartmouth experience, and some spend entire years traveling to different countries. Dennis Washburn, associate dean for international studies and interdisciplinary programs, previously called study abroad programs “the jewel in the crown of Dartmouth’s undergraduate education.” These popular programs are a key advantage of the College’s liberal arts curriculum and flexible academic schedule.

In a video project created by Isaiah Diaz-Mays, students read excerpts of King’s work and spoke about his legacy.


MLK Day in a Year of Racial Reckoning

Each year, Dartmouth puts on a celebration for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hosting programs that relate social and racial justice to work done at the College. After a year that laid bare racial inequities in American society, this week’s events took on a renewed sense of importance. 

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