Top 10 Ways to Maximize These 10 Weeks

by Eileen Brady | 6/28/19 2:10am

 1. Finish up your Dartmouth bucket list

The “classic Dartmouth experience” is on many sophomores’ minds during the summer. The summer term brings smaller crowds, better weather and easier classes for many, so why not take advantage of the ideal conditions to check a few items off your Big Green Bucket List™? As the water in the Connecticut warms up, look for a night to complete the Ledyard Challenge. Head down to the river, strip and swim across to Vermont. Once you’ve arrived, run right back to New Hampshire across the Ledyard Bridge. When finished, feel free to head straight into another challenge — stay up all night and eat at Lou’s when it opens at 7:00 AM (on weekends) or try one of the Dartmouth Seven (no instructions needed). 

2. Take advantage of Ledyard Rentals

Swimming in the river is a popular summer pastime here in Hanover, but don’t get stuck in a Mink Brook rut. Head down to the Ledyard boathouse to rent canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards! Rentals are available from 11:00AM-7:00PM on weekdays and 10:00AM-7:00PM on weekends. Beware, though, they only accept cash, check and DA$H. And don’t fall in!

3. But swim, too!

Although the river is the most popular place for Dartmouth students to swim, it’s not the only option. Quechee Gorge and Ottauquechee River (Vermont) and Trues Brook and Boston Lot (New Hampshire) are favorite swimming holes, or, for a little more adventure, check out the natural rock slides and cool-off pools at Sculptured Rocks Natural Area (New Hampshire) .

4. Explore the dry side of the outdoors

On a free Saturday morning, try a popular Dartmouth hike! Beginners may want to try Gile Mountain (one hour round-trip), Velvet Rocks (three hours) or Moose Mountain (three hours), while crunchier types can venture to Camel’s Hump (five hours) or Franconia Ridge (6.5 hours). To make a weekend of it, grab some friends and rent a DOC cabin for a night or two. If you prefer to stay off the trail, try strawberry picking at Edgewater Farm or stargazing on the Hanover Country Club golf course.

5. Try some local restaurants

While Main Street staples like Molly’s and Tuk Tuk suffice during the school year, summer is the time to venture out of Hanover for some yummy meals. Find that friend who’s parking at Chi Gam this summer and venture out to make the most of your off-campus meal plan! Enjoy burgers, grilled veggies and root beer at Worthy Kitchen (Woodstock), shrimp scampi and eggplant parm at Three Tomatoes (Lebanon), or Mexican street corn at Margaritas (West Lebanon).

6. Take a layup (or two)

The add/drop deadline has passed, so if you haven’t done this one yet you may be out of luck. But for many, sophomore summer is the time to sit back, relax and join the “Jews 11” squad. If you are stuck in Orgo during 19X, drop your third class now! Sunshine > Sanborn this summer.

7. Send a flitz

This *IS* a flitz. If you’ve been crushing these past two years, now’s the time to act. ’21s will be scattered worldwide this fall, and you don’t want to risk that special someone finding their soulmate on their FSP. Practice your rhymes, consider some summer themes and scour Giphy, or you might find yourself all alone at your summer semi. Good luck!

8. Join a “lite” summer club

How many Monday nights have you spent wishing you were in a frat basement singing in a bowtie? If the answer is “a lot,” you should probably start sending emails to summer a capella groups. While auditions have probably already taken place, you can try to join now or accept your spot in the audience. Be sure to support the new performers this summer and attend shows featuring Splenda, Shebalite, Ujimelt, the Summer Sings and more!

9. Take a road trip

Boston and New York are common trips from Hanover, but with the wonderful summer weather and clear roads, why not go international? Head to Montreal (a three hour drive from Hanover) for Osheaga, a music festival, from August 2-4, or to Quebec City for the Summer Festival from July 4-14. If you’d rather stay around home, head to Maine or upstate New York for a unique summer adventure.

10. Shop at the farmer’s market, indoors and out

While Dartmouth students can generally only enjoy the Farmers’ Market for a few weeks at the beginning or end of an academic year, sophomore summer blesses students with the market for a full term. Check out the Hanover Area Farmers’ Market on the Green from 3:00-6:00 PM on Wednesdays to try goat cheese, spring rolls and strawberries, and cool off with a smoothie from the JUEL Juice + Smoothies food truck parked on College street. To stay out of the sun, head to Collis from 3:00-4:30 PM on Fridays to try fresh vegetables, berries, flowers and more!