Caroline Berens



Native American education at Dartmouth

With the visible and thriving social and academic programs for Native students on campus today, many may ignore Dartmouth’s past neglect in upholding its charter commitment to educate Native youth.

Wagner informs campus of cybersecurity breach

Chief financial officer of the College Mike Wagner sent a campus-wide email Friday afternoon stating that there had been a major data breach in the consumer database at Equifax, the consumer credit reporting agency that the College uses for business services.

Fund set up in honor of Alana Donohue ’18

The family of Alana Donohue ’18 is setting up a scholarship fund through the College in her honor. Donohue died on June 23 at home in New York City from anaphylaxis at the age of 19.

Alana Donohue '18 attended The Chapin School in New York City.

Community recalls Alana Donohue '18

For Alana Donohue ’18, life was about making those around her as happy as they could be. Friends and family said that Donohue strove to put a smile on everyone’s face, an effort that came from her kindness and lively spirit.


The Novelty of Returns

Although freshman fall of college indisputably involves a great deal of novelty, and that eventually subsides as one becomes more adjusted to college life, one might argue that some level of novelty returns with the arrival of sophomore summer. This week, Caroline explores this question.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity under investigation for hazing

The Hanover Police Department is investigating reports that Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity hazed its new members, College spokesperson Diana Lawrence confirmed Thursday. The College is cooperating with the separate investigations of both Hanover Police and SAE’s national organization.

Student Wellness Center launch sees high turnout

On Wednesday afternoon, students and administrators ambled around on the third floor of Robinson Hall, chatting with one another while snacking on chocolate trail mix, fresh fruit and crackers with hummus. In another room, students sat at a table using watercolors to paint pages from a drawing book. In adjacent rooms, people got massages and practiced meditation.


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