Canoe Club

by The Dartmouth | 4/2/15 5:53pm


You’ll find Canoe Club, which opened in 2003, on 27 Main Street. It replaced another restaurant called Mojo’s Bistro when it arrived in downtown Hanover, and it now offers bistro food in a pub-like atmosphere with live music. Its name actually has no ties with the Ledyard Canoe Club. Rather, it is named after a restaurant in Connecticut where John Chaplin, its owner, celebrated his 50th birthday. Not only does this restaurant attract professional musicians, but undergraduate student performance groups, graduate students and faculty have all been known to perform at Canoe Club. And while much of the town seems to wind down early into the night, Canoe Club it is open until 11:30 p.m. — with drinks still available for more than an hour later — offering upscale meals for some of Hanover’s night owls. Some appetizers you shouldn’t miss include the short rib nachos or hot lollies (grilled shrimp with Asian noodle salad). It might be a little gauche to recommend a burger, but the Canoe Club cheeseburger makes an affordable choice and a nice change from the special at the Courtyard Café. If you’re feeling fancy, though, the mango-glazed salmon makes for tasty fare. To top it all off, finish with a scrumptious tiramisu or the blue moon sorbet.Best dish: Grilled bistro steak