Jewel of India

by The Dartmouth | 4/2/15 5:56pm


If you’re taking a stroll near the back of Lebanon Street, you might stumble upon Jewel of India, housed in a white building that looks more like a cottage than a restaurant. The place nevertheless offers students a wide variety of tasty Indian fare ranging from lamb curry to its signature mango lassi drink. When they’re not making use of Thai Orchid and The Orient, student organizations frequently call upon Jewel for its party platters. It’s very popular for its unlimited Sunday lunch buffet for only $10 — the perfect recovery for shedding a lingering hangover. Some of the must-try items on the menu are the naan with curry sauce, chicken vindaloo (boneless chicken and potatoes in a curry sauce) and the lamb biryani (basmati rice with lamb, dried fruits and nuts).Best dish: Tandoori chicken