Thai Orchid

by The Dartmouth | 4/2/15 6:03pm


It’s hard to believe that Thai Orchid is already rounding out its second year. In 2013, Thai Orchid replaced another Thai restaurant called Mai Thai. Originally, Mai Thai was owned by Robert Lamprey, who closed the restaurant and reopened it under the new name of Thai Orchid, handing over the management to his wife, Chansuda Lamprey. It now offers various Thai dishes — including fried rice and pan fried noodles — and is a staple in most students’ takeout or dine-in options in town. The Kaeng Pet Pad Yang (duck curry), Kao Pad Sopparot (pineapple fried rice) and Pad Thai are must tries for any student. Although the service can occasionally be, let’s say, confused, the food is well worth it.Best dish: Drunken noodles