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The Dartmouth
June 13, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editor's Note

After the immediate thrill of Dartmouth has subsided, many students are left looking for a place on campus where they feel they really belong. Dartmouth provides a strong base from which its members can find groups or places to help form their identity. Some organizations are tight-knit, while others may seem somewhat artificial or random. But it's these structures that give us a space to explore our identities.

In this week's issue, we investigate course enrollment, the locations where students seek employment and our college's presence on social media. We explore an Upper Valley gem and reflect on maintaining relationships on campus when one doesn't have organizations or Greek houses to keep interactions constant.

It's a hectic time, and any upperclassmen will tell you that being this overwhelmed during the second week of term isn't normal, but as we shift around in search of a place of belonging, it's useful to take a moment to reflect. With all the individual talent around us, we're sure to find something truly valuable in the communities of Dartmouth. Happy Friday!