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The Dartmouth
May 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth


Boy 1 at Foco: "In Miami we kiss girls on the cheek when we say hello."

Boy 2: "That's gross, bro! What if there's, like, fecal

matter on her face?!"

Girl 1: "You know there's a blood drive tomorrow? I hate

giving blood. Needles freak me out."

Girl 2: "But every pint of blood you donate is 500 calories!"

Girl 1: "AH! Can I donate twice? Then I can eat Collis pasta!"

Girl 1: "You didn't know that you don't need to start the

car to open the door from the outside?"

Girl 2: "I always thought that you did ... huh."

Girl 1 at the Hop: "Does he do coke too?"

Girl 2: "No."

Girl 1: "Ouch ... so ... are you still going to date him?"

Girl 2: "I haven't decided yet."

Girl: "I'd love to join the CIA, but they ask you if you've

smoked pot within the last two years and I don't think I

could lie and pass the polygraph."

Guy: "That's stupid. Why would they care about something like that?"

Dartmouth students say stupid things. Overhear something great? Blitz "TheD."