by Compiled by Anna Stone and Alysia Harris | 11/30/07 2:20am

'09 girl: I told my trippees they'd get gonorrhea if they didn't filter their water.

Croo Member: Yeah! You TOTALLY can.

'09 girl: What?

Croo Member: Oh wait, that's giardia.

Guy 1: Dude, maybe we should try something other than frats and beer tonight.

Guy 2: Yeah man, let's do the frats counterclockwise tonight!

'11 boy on bus from Logan airport: So, I was at this dance party the other night, and this girl was like, "Are you a brother here?" And I was like, "Yeah! Wanna see my room?"

'11 girl: No way, did she believe you?

'11 boy: Yeah! I took her upstairs and was like, yep, that's Jimmy's room, and that's where Danny sleeps, and that's Tommy's room, and this is my room. But then I went in and this boy from my history class was sitting on the couch, and he was like, "Hey man, what are you doing here?" And I was like, "Hey bro! I'm just showing this girl my room, becuase I'm a brother here!"

'11 girl: Oh my god, did he play along?

'11 boy: No. He was like, "You're not a brother here." And the girl got mad.

'11 girl walking through Novack: "You know Vitamin Water is so pretty. I mean look at all of the colors."

'11 boy: "Ya, totally"

Anna and Alysia: Happy Chrismukkah everyone.

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