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The Dartmouth
April 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

"Run, Girls, Run:"

Our Cohogs they play four

They are all a bunch of whores

With a Knick Knack, paddy whack

Send the bitches home

Our cohogs go to bed alone.

Cohog: combining "coeducational" and "hog," the unflattering term used by Dartmouth men in the 1970s to describe their new female counterparts. The ditty above was submitted to the 1975 "Greek Hums" competition. And it won. Selected by the Dean of the College as winner. Which just makes one feel kind of ill.

Next fall marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the first "daughters of Dartmouth" (although they did not get a shout-out in the Alma Mater until 1988). I knew Dartmouth was the last of the Ivies to go coeducational, but didn't know much about those early years, when the "wo" paint on bathroom doors was still fresh and the men/women ratio was still strictly capped at three to one. Having done a little research, I must say, the "good old days" are looking pretty grim. Dartmouth daughters and sons, a little blast from your 1970s past.