by Compiled by Alysia Harris | 11/10/06 6:00am

'08 SD: "Yeah I'm from the south side of Chicago, but from the city."

'08 KDE: "Oh, so you think you're a thug?"

'08 SD: "A little bit. In middle school, I wore K-Swiss and gelled my hair."

"And then he passed the Dick Act, which I have to confess I have trouble saying with a straight face."

  • History professor during a lecture

'09 SAE pledge: "Evolution? The world was created 30,000 years ago and the dinosaurs no longer exist because they couldn't fit on the ark."

Two Chi Gams in the library:

Chi Gam 1: "Yo, guess how much sperm you produce in one day?"

Chi Gam 2: "Uhh, I don't know"

Chi Gam 1: "2 x 108."

Chi Gam 2: "Haha ... yeaahhhhh."

'06 girl: "A socialist just got into the senate?"

'09 girl: "Yeah, Bernie ... from Vermont?"

'06 girl: "Bernie Mac?"

Student 1: "So how do you say 'bagel' in Spanish?"

Student 2: "You are an idiot. 'Bagel' is an English word -- you can't translate English words into Spanish."

Student 1: "Oh yeah, I forgot."

'09 Panarchist: "This isn't my preppy shirt. This is my hipster shirt."

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