Statistical Phrasing of Greek Support Inaccurate

by Christopher Boffoli | 11/2/99 6:00am

To the Editor:

I noticed that on page 3 of your November 1 issue that you once again quoted your own poll of February 1999 stating that "A resounding 83 percent of the campus said they were in favor of continuing single-sex fraternities and sororities." If you look back at the issue in which this was first reported, I think you will find only about 50 percent of the students polled actually responded. It is disingenuous to report that 83 percent of "the campus" responded in this way without adding that important footnote. In fact, 83 percent of HALF the campus responded in this way.

Editor's Note: The poll conducted by The Dartmouth last February was verified to be statistically reflective of the campus by a College statistician.