Editor's Note

by Mary Liza Hartong | 7/10/14 8:50pm

When I was a young, pimple pelted, cloak clad middle-schooler, I spent three summers in the steamy hills of North Carolina at what can only be called “nerd camp.” I studied writing and psychology with kids just like me, kids who knew words like “capricious” and treasured their vast collections of Harry Potter memorabilia. “Smart kids, a bookstore that sells peanut butter M&M’s and unrestricted access to the library? College is gonna rock,” I thought to myself as I looked around the campus.

Right now, hoards of kids are roaming this campus, probably thinking the same things I did. The only difference is that most of them wield lacrosse sticks instead of wands.

We get annoyed with them for cutting us in line at Collis, but festooned with their lanyards and brace-faces, these tots remind us of something we all once had and may still have — potential.

This week’s edition of The Mirror is all about potential. It’s about the potential to express ourselves in unconventional and artistic ways, the potential to explore outside of this little town and the potential to examine the way we think about traditions like the Dartmouth Seven. It’s about giving a rouse for the College on the Hill, for your fellow man and for yourself.