Mary Liza Hartong



The Colors of Loneliness

Close your eyes and take a moment to remember how you felt right after Trips ended. You were on top of the world, weren’t you?

Mary Liza Hartong '16 rocks a knee length cheetah print jacket #swug.


SWUG Routine

Three different types of cheese, staying in my PJs, binging on Netflix, babe.

Mary Liza Hartong '16 baked pumpkin bread for her first classmates at the College — here's why she'd do it again.


Bake On

Mary Liza writes a letter to her freshman self and reflects on how she's changed.


Strangers Share Their Stories

As children we are asked to share all the time. We’re asked to share toys with our friends, clothes with our younger siblings and tents with our fellow campfire scouts.


A Life Spent With Books

Enraptured by the conquests of my literary heroes, I wasn’t exactly admiring those ever-present ethereal creatures we call librarians. My mistake.


Are Campus Spaces Gendered?

Like the illustrious David Guetta, you may look around this campus and wonder “Where them girls at?” You may also wonder “Where them guys at?” or “Where them people who fall somewhere else on the spectrum of gender at?”


Dartmouth, 2050

It’s the year 2050 and your mid-life crisis has brought you back to dear old Dartmouth, as you always knew it would. You may not remember all the words to the alma mater, but you’re ready to skate on Occom Pond, build a snowman and tear up the slopes with your bionic post-knee-replacement legs.


Alt To Some, In To Many

“Dartmouth is a party school.” It’s hard to guess how many times I heard this phrase when I was accepted to Dartmouth, but if I had to make a approximation for the sake of this article, I’d guess it was somewhere in the thousands. I heard it from snarky adults who had never been north of the Mason-Dixon line. I heard it from friends at graduation parties. I heard it from concerned elderly people in the grocery store. Sometimes I even heard it from the small, scared voice inside of my head. Nevertheless, I lugged my straight-laced, sleep-loving, decidedly sober self all the way to New Hampshire and hoped for the best.


There's No Place Like Om

Notice your posture. This is the first thing the voice on my computer told me when I searched for guided meditations, found a website and purposefully picked the shortest one — a three-minute mediation called “Body and Sound.”


First Times and Last Looks

This article, modeled off a similar piece from the University of Pennsylvania’s 34th Street Magazine, is about firsts and lasts and how they have impacted us for better or for worse.