Domino's Pizza plans location in Hanover

by Zachary Benjamin | 2/2/18 2:40am

by Amanda Zhou / The Dartmouth

The owner of the West Lebanon Domino’s pizza franchise has filed an application for a building permit to open a new Domino’s pizza restaurant in Hanover. The proposed location is 73 South Main Street, behind the Irving Gas station.

The application was filed by Keith Bell, who owns multiple Domino’s franchises, including the West Lebanon location that currently serves Hanover. The town approved a zoning permit for the new location on Jan. 18, declaring that the location is suitable for use as a Domino’s franchise, but it has not yet issued a building permit so that renovations to the site can begin.

Hanover town manager Julia Griffin said in an email that she was aware of the plans to build a Domino’s in Hanover, but had no further information. Hanover building inspector Ryan Borkowski confirmed in an email that a permit application has been submitted for the Domino’s location.

Travis Hunt, manager at the West Lebanon Domino’s, said in an interview that while he is aware of the plans to open the new location, he does not yet have an official statement because the building permit has not yet been approved. He is not sure when the new store will open.

Correction appended (Feb. 5, 2018): The original version of this article incorrectly stated Keith Bell's last name. The article has been updated to correct this error.