Robinson Hall


Overfunded, Underattended

Many of this summer's planned social events have failed to live up to their promises. The much-touted Secret Garden dance drew relatively few students, despite omnipresent advertising and expenditures of nearly $15,000 from Class Council and other groups.

Get Out and Register

Today could be the day that decides the direction of our country. It could be the day that you register to vote. Five student volunteers for candidates in this year's New Hampshire elections have planned a voter registration drive today in Tindle Lounge.


By breaking into Yale's admissions website, Princeton has committed an act that is not only unethical, bone-headed and probably illegal but also a significant blow to how we understand the ethics of the Ivy League colleges we attend. At least one high-ranking Princeton admissions officer broke into Yale's website using confidential information from applications given to them in confidence by the very people who believed in Princeton's moral character at least enough to apply there. Information about who Yale admitted probably did not affect Princeton's admission decisions, which may have already been made.

Tubestock doomed to mediocrity

When '04 Class Council President John "Doc" Kupiec's sent out his letter encouraging students to "demonstrate that we can be responsible adults" and thus ensure that Tubestock does not go the way of the Winter Carnival keg jump (gone, but far from forgotten), he intended to help save a tradition fighting for its very survival.

A No-Win Situation

When Dartmouth announced Charles Harris as its new athletic director, the move initially seemed a tremendous coup for the school -- Harris was without a doubt among the most respected men in collegiate athletics.

In Bad Faith

Administrators handed down a policy last Friday that both undermines the very Student Life Initiative objectives it purports to advance and fosters an atmosphere of distrust between students and College officials.

Spinning Their Wheels

With the implementation of the first changes following the Initiative, students will not see more social and residential options.

'Substantial' Change

When the Coed Fraternity Sorority Council elected summer leaders Sunday night, it took a step in the right direction.

A Time to Plant, A Time to Reap

As the summer sun finally emerges from the doldroms of a dreary spring, the Class of 2002 faces a new challenge: the challenge of leading.

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