Matt Lewis


Speech examines Nazi role in state's industry

Efforts on the part of Germany to remake public perception of German business corporations after the fall of the Third Reich were as much a matter of shrewd economic sense as they were of a sincere attempt to restore its integrity, Prof.

Dartmouth GOP stages Collis rally

Dartmouth loves America -- and American meat products, as was confirmed yesterday evening during a barbecue entitled "Dartmouth Loves America" on the Collis Center porch. The College Republicans and COSO staged the toast to America and its ideals to a transient crowd of mixed politics and hot dog preference -- beef, kosher, tofu and turkey. "The food didn't disagree with me, but the Republicans did," Katherine Norton '05 said. Midway through the barbecue James Baehr '05, secretary of the College Republicans, stepped up to the microphone to deliver the opening -- and what ultimately turned out to be the closing -- remarks. "This country is not great because of all its prosperity and material goods, it is great because of the spirit of decency and self sacrifice that is embodied in its people," Baehr said.

Prospectives avoid fine, criminal record

The two prospective students in the Class of 2007 arrested by the Hanover Police over this year's Dimensions weekend are nearing completion in fulfilling their respective debts to society.

Summer term spurs Dartmouth drivers

Times have changed since Grandpa had to trudge eight -- or in some cases, 80 -- miles every morning through waist-deep snow to get to school.

HHS students rally to save debate

In a public referendum yesterday, Dresden School District residents denied the Hanover High School forensic program the public funds that its future hinges upon, thwarting the tenacious efforts of debate team supporters, which came to a head this week. If it was passed, the three measures included in yesterday's election for several community posts would have enabled HHS to continue holding two levels of debate classes per year as well as participate in debate competitions. Students, teachers and members of the community braved the cold during the weekend and yesterday to demonstrate in favor of sustaining the popular HHS program, which comprises a debate team and two levels of debate class.

Students want foosball, GreenPrint in dorms

Dorm improvement has never tasted this good. Luring students with Lou's cakes and pies, the Dorm Improvement Group have been holding informational sessions throughout the week to clue the campus in to their mission to furnish College dormitories with the amenities students want. Formed this term by Student Assembly, DIG has been blessed with an enviable treasury of $20,000 from the Assembly and the Office of Residential Life for the next two terms in order to fulfill any student's suggestion for improving the social and study spaces. The Assembly has organized outreach events this week in part to better inform students about DIG. "I think its important for people to know that this is a pretty simple process, and they're going to see change." Todd Rabkin Golden '06, the vice president of DIG and an Assembly member, said. After completing a few questions, students can submit a proposal to DIG for what they believe would be a valuable addition to their respective dorm.