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June 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Letter to the Editor: We Dartmouth Faculty Members Support the Recent Actions by College President Sian Leah Beilock

More than 50 faculty members wrote in support of Beilock’s response to the May 1 protest.

Re: Police arrest 90 individuals at pro-Palestinian protest

We, the undersigned, wish to commend College President Sian Leah Beilock and her administration for their thoughtful and strong leadership in these complex times and for their resolve to keep Dartmouth a safe space for all.

Sergei A. Kan (Department of Anthropology)

David G. Blanchflower (Department of Economics)

Daniel N. Rockmore (Department of Mathematics)

Eric Zitzewittz (Department of Economics)

Alan L. Gustman (Department of Economics)

Bruce I. Sacerdote (Department of Economics)

James W. LaBelle (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

Douglas A. Irwin (Department of Economics)

Lukas A. Swaine (Department of Government)

Andrew A. Samwick (Department of Economics)

Sydney Finkelstein (Tuck School of Business)

Julia L. Melin (Tuck School of Business)

Adam M. Kleinbaum (Tuck School of Business)

Jeremy R. Manning (Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Robert A. Shumsky (Tuck School of Business)

Ellen B. Rockmore (Institute for Writing Rhetoric)

Meir Kohn (Department of Economics)

Sean Westwood (Department of Government)

William A. Fischel (Department of Economics)

William C. Wohlforth (Department of Government)

Marjorie Rose (Department of Economics)

Lewis H. Glinert (Department of Middle Eastern Studies)

Margaret Graver (Department of Classics)

Mark A. McPeek (Department of Biological Sciences)

Thalia Wheatley (Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Marnie Halpern (Geisel School of Medicine)

Sharmistha Sikdar (Tuck School of Business)

Ronald C. Lasky (Thayer School of Engineering)

Benoit Cushman-Roisin (Thayer School of Engineering)

Hildreth R. Frost (Geisel School of Medicine)

Claudia Jakubzick (Geisel School of Medicine)

Robert G. Hansen (Tuck School of Business)

Vijay Govindarajan (Tuck School of Business)

Yue Yan (Geisel School of Medicine)

Harold L. Manning (Geisel School of Medicine)

David J. Gladstone (Thayer School of Engineering)

Curtis R. Welling (Tuck School of Business)

Jonathan W. Lewellen (Tuck School of Business)

Giovanni Gavetti (Tuck School of Business)

Janine Eagle (Geisel School of Medicine)

Anant K. Sundaram (Tuck School of Business)

Richard C. Sansing (Tuck School of Business)

Holly A. Buker (Irving Institute for Energy and Society)

Vikrant S. Vaze (Thayer School of Engineering)

Alix Ashare (Geisel School of Medicine)

Eric S. Bish (Thayer School of Engineering)

Erland M. Schulson (Thayer School of Engineering)

Jose del Pino (Department of Spanish and Portuguese)

Russell Hughes (Department of Chemistry)

Deborah R. Hoffer (Geisel School of Medicine)

John B. Weaver (Thayer School of Engineering)

Jonathan L. Lewellen (Tuck School of Business)

Deborah Rukin Gold (Geisel School of Medicine)

Robert A. Greene (Geisel School of Medicine)

Michael C. Herron (Department of Quantitative Social Science)

Margaret E. Ackerman (Thayer)

John X. J. Zhang (Thayer)

William T. Wickner (Geisel)

Steven Kangas (Art History)

Christopher M. Snyder (Economics)

Paul A. Argenti (Tuck)

Anne Gelb (Mathematics)

Robert G. Hansen (Economics)

James Feyrer (Economics)

Jared Rhoads (Geisel School of Medicine)

Paul Novosad (Economcs)

Robert W. Staiger (Economics)

Patricia M. Anderson (Econimics)

Murray A. Echt (Geisel)

Daryl G. Press (Government)

Letters to the editor reflect the views of their author(s), which are not necessarily those of The Dartmouth.

This article will be updated as additional faculty sign the letter.