Kevan Higgins



Green Key: a weekend steeped in tradition. Nothing else at Dartmouth is as steeped in tradition as Green Key.

Fixers and Complainers

My sophomore year in high school, I was smart enough to be granted admission to the revered "honors" English class, taught by Allen L'Etoile.

An End to Misery

For those of you to whom I haven't said hello yet: yes, I had a fun break. I trust yours was fun as well.

Dubya Dubya F...

In keeping with what has become an increasingly alarming trend in this column, I will now proceed to pontificate.

A Bad Case of Senioritis

Hello again. First a big apology for not writing in so long. It would be a massive understatement to say that things with me have been a little hectic.

A Quick Fix

Yes, yes. The word is out and about. Now it's time for the armchair quarterbacks to come in and criticize everything.

Hate Crime is not Indicative of Dartmouth Community

To the Editor: In Friday's Dartmouth a student said something to the effect that it was hard to believe that anti-semitism of the kind recently demonstrated could take place at an Ivy League institution like Dartmouth.

The Countdown Begins

Welcome back alums! In this turbulent period of Dartmouth's history, it is certain that you will want to get all you can of this Dartmouth before the change is made to the new Dartmouth.

Image is Everything

The bare truth of the matter is that this problem we're having on campus is one of image. In the words of the immortal Andre Agassi, "Image is everything." Image has dictated to every single person involved with the Student Life Initiative their actions, reactions, thoughts, and ideals.

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