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WhingDing highlights weekend arts

Despite its reputation, Winter Carnival is not all about the icy outdoors. For those seeking a warm alternative, live performances and video screenings are offered, the highlight of which is Winter WhingDing. A long-standing Carnival tradition, Winter WhingDing will be hosted by the Dartmouth Subtleties, an all-female group, Friday at 8 p.m.

Campus, frat. tsunami relief efforts pay off big

Dartmouth's fortnight-long fundraising efforts for tsunami victims in Asia will culminate Wednesday evening in an event featuring dinner, entertainment by student performers and a silent auction.

For UGAs, programming crunch time

As the end of Fall term approaches, the crunch is on -- not only for students worrying about finals, but also for Undergraduate Advisors struggling to fulfill their job requirements as end-of-term evaluations loom. The Office of Residential Life expects its UGAs to meet certain performance standards, and while some said planning ahead made the requirements easy to fulfill, others are hurrying to meet demands. Students living in residence halls have recently observed a flurry of UGA programming. Akay Tunkak '06, a UGA in Hitchcock residence hall, said she has felt pressured by the upcoming end of the term to complete her program requirements, but she attributed this to the fact that as she grew familiar with her residents, she learned of more programs that would appeal to them. "Programming is getting to be more last minute, but I feel that it's because it has taken me a while to figure out what to do and what my floor would like," she said. While in past years UGAs have been required to put on a minimum of seven programs per term, the number was reduced to six this year.

Freidberg analyzes food trade in new book

Don't expect to find gourmet recipes in "French Beans and Food Scares," a newly-released book by Dartmouth geography professor Susanne Freidberg. Underneath this catchy title, Freidberg explores the food trade among France, Britain and the countries' former African colonies, as well as the effects of food scares such as Mad Cow Disease upon agricultural business and production in Africa. Freidberg, who started her research in 1999, traveled to Africa, Britain and France several times to interview those involved in the multiple facets of food production and trade.

Student Assembly plans for increased professionalism in '04-'05

Incoming freshmen are encouraged to jump directly into student government at Dartmouth College. Dartmouth's student government is the Student Assembly, and while Assembly officers are elected every Spring term by the student body, freshman representatives are elected during Fall term, after they matriculate, to represent their dorm clusters. This year's Student Body President is Julia Hildreth '05.

Upper Valley named best workplace for commuters

Best Workplace for Commuters, a federally-sponsored research program, has recently distinguished Dartmouth as an employer dedicated to facilitating ridesharing and cheap, environmentally friendly transportation for employees.

N.H. voted best state to live in, beating out Minn.

Despite its modest population numbers and rural atmosphere, New Hampshire won the title of the nation's most livable state, topping the charts of "State Rankings 2004." New Hampshire narrowly defeated reigning champion Minnesota, which has held the title for the last seven years. Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman has lived in both New Hampshire and Minnesota and said that the state rankings do not surprise him.

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