House Editorial


Stand for Morals Today

The Trustees claim they were in a tight spot this weekend. But really, they were in a key spot. They had the chance to make a difference and instead gave the College the go-ahead to remain exactly as it is: fearful and hostile toward its own gay, lesbian and bisexual community. In their statement, the Trustees asked for sympathy because they were called upon to "make an unconscionable choice as to which students to disadvantage" - the gay, lesbian and bisexual students or those involved in the Reserve Officer's Training Corps.

Why ROTC Must Go

The Board of Trustees will decide at its meeting this weekend to bolster the College's Principle of Equal Opportunity, or undermine it.

Cast Your Vote With Care

When you cast a vote today, don't think you are buying into a system that has become a bickering, stagnant resume filler.

Moore for President

The decision students make in tomorrow's elections will speak volumes on what they value most in their years here and what they believe a better community should be. Much of the rhetoric we have heard from this year's candidates expounds on the virtue of student services.

The College's Concern

College President James Freedman has faced many challenges during his time at Dartmouth. Now he faces a greater challenge, but he is not alone.

Next Step for the Assembly

Student Assembly President Nicole Artzer '94 should demand the resignation of SA Vice-president Steve Costalas '94 and the six other members of the Executive Committee who on Monday issued the statement threatening her with removal from office. They made it clear in their statement that they can no longer work with her.

President of Dartmouth

The College will be in good hands next winter when President James Freedman begins a well-deserved sabbatical.

Assembly Antics

According to members of the Student Assembly Executive Committee, President Nicole Artzer stepped outside her bounds by attempting to undermine a vote that called for a boycott of Dartmouth Dining Services.

Greek 'Self-Evaluation'

An inquiry by the Greek Life Evaluation Committee formed by the heads of the Greek umbrella organizations would be similar to the question asked by Snow White's step-mother to her magic mirror, who is the fairest of them all. Does the Co-ed Fraternity Sorority Council really want an honest answer?

The right role for Collis

She had a dream - to one day see her college with all its students gathered comfortably under the same roof.

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