Cast Your Vote With Care

by House Editorial | 4/12/94 5:00am

When you cast a vote today, don't think you are buying into a system that has become a bickering, stagnant resume filler. Rather, think of it as a chance to buy your way out of that system. Cast your vote for this potential.

The Student Assembly has the attention of administrators, a large budget and - depending on the results of today's vote - the members who can turn it into a powerful and empowering force on campus.

The Assembly needs the hands and minds that will shape it into a body dedicated to serving the students. It is crying for the eyes that will see what students need, listening for the ears that will hear the voices of the whole campus and demanding the bodies that will put these ideas into action.

Danielle Moore '95 and Rukmini Sichitiu '95 can lead that body, but they need an Assembly that will help them move in the same direction, not pull at their sleeves with every motion.

The presidential and vice presidential races have been April's highlights almost every year, but the general Assembly candidates are often shaded over. That is why a group of candidates have decided to cluster together and try to get voted in as a block, leaving behind any and all individuality and familiarity.

Every vote cast for a candidate you do not know is more than a wasted vote; it is a vote against the potential of next year's Assembly.

In order to create an Assembly that is as inspiring, responsible, respected and effective as Moore and Sichitiu are as individual candidates, you must evaluate the general Assembly members with the same standards.

Vote today. Vote for all positions. But vote with the concern and care that you carry when you cast your preference for the leaders of the Assembly.

Choose an entire Assembly that is devoted to taking student services beyond the tangible results a Xerox machine can produce. Choose a group of individuals who will not leave their beliefs at the door, but will use them to enhance the effectiveness of the Assembly. Choose an Assembly that will make Dartmouth a better college and you a better person.

There is one clear choice in the presidential and vice presidential election: Moore and Sichitiu. There are many for the general Assembly, but they must be chosen with care.

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