President of Dartmouth

by House Editorial | 2/8/94 6:00am

The College will be in good hands next winter when President James Freedman begins a well-deserved sabbatical. His temporary successor, Dean of Faculty James Wright, has proven himself a capable administrator, whose commitment to excellence in research and teaching has made him popular with the faculty. Of the College's top personnel, he is best qualified to assume Freedman's duties. Wright chaired the committee that revamped the College's curriculum. Thanks to his strong leadership and dedication, the new curriculum will be in place for the Class of 1998. Another committee chaired by Wright released a 1987 report on residential life that has been the administration's guide on student life outside of the classroom. It served as the catalyst for several major improvements in student life, including the construction of the new Collis student center.

But in order to be successful as President, Wright will need to make himself more accessible and approachable. In Freedman's absence, the Dartmouth community must have faith in Wright's ability to continue a clear and stable course for the College. Communication will be the key to his ability to gain the confidence and trust of students, faculty and alumni.

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