The College's Concern

by House Editorial | 4/8/94 5:00am

College President James Freedman has faced many challenges during his time at Dartmouth. Now he faces a greater challenge, but he is not alone. Cancer must be faced by other members of the College community as well.

For them, the struggle is sometimes private. But what is a personal concern of the Freedman family has been reported to the public and become a concern for us all. This is a necessity that accompanies Freedman's position.

Freedman fully informed both the Trustees and the community from the beginning, before he knew the exact nature of his condition. His decision to do so demonstrates a selfless concern for the well-being of Dartmouth and the Dartmouth community, and reflects on his feelings toward the College.

All those in the community facing the challenge of cancer should draw support from the College's response to the news of Freedman's lymphoma. His cancer has been made known to the public because his job is of personal importance to the entire Dartmouth community. Freedman should know that thousands within that community return the heartfelt concern he has shown for them, and wish him a safe and full recovery.

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