Daniel Belkin


Unconventional Wisdom

Four years and 48 columns later, my time at Dartmouth and my tenure as an Opinion columnist have come to an end.

Monopolies And Mythmaking

In the past week, undergrads have enlisted themselves as foot soldiers in the Battle for Dartmouth. No longer relegated to just the ballot box, mass mailings, the media spotlight and the blogosphere, the ongoing governance skirmish between alumni has landed right in the laps of current undergraduates. BlitzMail inboxes have been flooded with petitions drafted by students both in favor and in opposition to the Association of Alumni's lawsuit against the College.

Girls (And Guys) Gone Local

Much ink has been spilled on these pages about the never-ending campus ruckus over the virtues of national versus local Greek houses.

Playing Hanoveropoly

Forget Dubai. Hanover is so hot right now. Recently, two leading national rags showcased Hanover in their broadsheets, painting the home of the College as a rustic oasis in the wilds of New Hampshire.

Judgment at Brattleboro

Zip across Ledyard Bridge, cruise down I-91 South for about an hour, and you will soon enter the quaint village of Brattleboro.

The Selectivity Corps

Have you been turned down by Teach for America? Did DREAM stop responding to your blitzes? Did the Peace Corps laugh at you? Nowadays, cutthroat competition is no longer reserved for the high-rolling analyst positions of lower Manhattan.

It's Snowing Men

Winter Carnival -- chock-full of College lore -- has always stood at the crossroads of Dartmouth's past, present and future.

Commencement Speakerbox

"To the members of the Class of 2008, you made it! On this great occasion that concludes your college career, take it from me, [to be determined], that your journey through life has only yet begun." These are the generic words that will echo across the Green on graduation this coming June.

Give Me A Break

Without a doubt, the day off from classes on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a welcomed, once-in-a-blue-moon breather from the weekly grind.

A Tale of Two Conflicts

"Out of Iraq, into Darfur!" has emerged as the rallying cry for war critics lobbying Washington to bolt from its unpopular quagmire in the heart of the Middle East and set its sights on a much less contentious objective instead: halting the genocide in war-tattered Sudan. In reality, with a more critical eye social justice"seeking students should consider singing another tune -- Iraq is the new Darfur. It is a tale of two conflicts.