Amit Anand


Focusing on Issues

What have you done for me lately? That's probably the question that most students ask every spring when SA elections come around.


To the Editor: I was appalled at your editorial in Wednesday's paper regarding the legitimacy of the Student Assembly.

Class day speakers, marshals announced

The Senior Executive Committee announced the selection of student and faculty speakers and marshals for Class Day and Commencement this week. History Professor Jere Daniell '55 will be the faculty speaker.

Certain state courts call affirmative action illegal

While the World Cultures Initiative aims to create a diversified atmosphere at the College that will cater to all students, public and private universities alike have been trying in recent years to diversify their campuses directly through affirmative action admissions processes. But recent trends are indicating that the open use of affirmative action may be increasingly dismissed as illegal. As the Board of Regents voted to adopt Governor Jeb Bush's "One Florida" plan last February, Florida joined many large states, including California and Texas, which have eliminated the consideration of race and ethnicity as factors in the college admissions process.

Future of Phi Delt property remains foggy

The future of the house currently occupied by the Phi Delta Alpha fraternity remains uncertain, as the fraternity's national corporation -- who own the property -- have yet to make a decision since the organization's suspension of recognition last term. However, Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman indicated a limited number of alternatives are being proposed for the house.

Freedman begins tenure as head of honor society

James Freedman, former president of Dartmouth, was inaugurated as the president of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences last week, two years after being elected to the Academy as a fellow. In an interview with The Boston Globe, Freedman said that his presidency would bring many changes to the Academy, including having it focus more on issues relating to public policy and attracting more media attention to the usually attention-shy Academy. "I think that his background as president of two different colleges and universities gives him an unusual national breadth," Leslie Berlowitz, executive officer of the Academy told The Dartmouth.

Medical school: more than just science

Ethics have been an integral part of medicine for almost as long as medicine itself has existed. Doctors face dilemmas every day, and their decisions can make the difference between life and death. For these reasons, doctors say they must constantly be updated on the latest developments in ethics and law.

Phi Delt loses Green Key band

While organizations around campus get ready to host parties, concerts and other events for Green Key weekend, this year may bring about some notable changes from the weekends of the past. Phi Delta Alpha fraternity's lawn will be empty Friday afternoon this year.