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February 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Class day speakers, marshals announced

The Senior Executive Committee announced the selection of student and faculty speakers and marshals for Class Day and Commencement this week.

History Professor Jere Daniell '55 will be the faculty speaker. Olivia Carpenter '00 will be the class orator and seniors Lisa Bianchi, Katie McCarthy, Brian Feldman and Kevan Higgins will share memories of their four years at Dartmouth as historians on Class Day.

Eric Buchman '00, president of the Class of 2000, will serve as head marshal during Commencement.

He will be joined by marshalls Cara Fuller '00, Sadiq Malik '00, Gary Maslow '00, Janelle Ruley '00, Brian Sleet '00 and Andy Thompson '00. Seniors Courtney Banghart and Diandra Benally will carry the Dartmouth and the United States flags, respectively.

"All of these people have been chosen because of their involvement at Dartmouth," Buchman said. "It's a great honor bestowed upon them."

He added that those chosen have had a diverse range of experiences at Dartmouth. "I can't imagine a more well-rounded cross section," he said.

Daniell will be giving a five minute address to the 75th reunion class, entitled "History, Luck and Dartmouth."

"The class has been through a lot, and much of it depends on taking advantage of the unexpected and luck," he said. He added that he will not write his speech before he speaks to the crowd.

Class Day -- usually held the day before Commencement -- is held in the Bema. The orator and the faculty speaker give speeches, as well as selected members of the senior class. This year, Buchman and Kelly Bodio '00 will be speaking on Class Day, in addition to Carpenter and Daniell.

Carpenter said that she felt honored to be chosen as orator, although she was still deciding on the topic of her speech.

"I've been thinking about it a lot for the past two weeks," she said.

"The orator is someone who we feel has something to offer to the student body," Buchman said.

Following the orator will be the historians. According to Buchman, the historians usually present a comedic piece that pokes fun of each other or other members of their class.