Phi Delt loses Green Key band

by Amit Anand | 5/10/00 5:00am

While organizations around campus get ready to host parties, concerts and other events for Green Key weekend, this year may bring about some notable changes from the weekends of the past.

Phi Delta Alpha fraternity's lawn will be empty Friday afternoon this year. But the band scheduled to play at Phi Delt will not be absent.

Coed Sorority Fraternity Council President Eric Etu '01 told The Dartmouth yesterday that Zeta Psi fraternity will host the band Friday afternoon However, he noted that, as in the past, there will be restrictions on alcohol consumption.

"Since this is a co-sponsored event, Zete will have to make sure that anyone that stumbles upon their lawn will not be carrying any alcohol," he said.

According to Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman, Phi Delt is not recognized by the College, and therefore cannot hold public events. However, he encouraged the fraternity to find another organization that will host the band. Aside from the prohibition on Phi Delt, Redman said that there are no special restrictions that have been imposed on organizations.

"We're not going out to change anything," he said. "Our first issue is student safety, and organizations are responsible for making sure that it is not compromised."

Although the location has varied over the years, Green Key and bands have traditionally been synonymous. The Friday afternoon band on the Phi Delt lawn has been a symbolic feature of Green Key for several years.

However, Etu said that some alumni may be unhappy with the changes to the weekend.

"I think some alumni will be a little surprised by the changes that might happen during this Green Key," he said. "Traditionally, alumni are supportive of traditions and when we tinker with this weekend, we are tinkering with tradition."

Redman added that he is not aware of the town of Hanover adding any restrictions to any outdoor events. There will be an increased presence of Safety and Security officers, which is normal for weekends such as Green Key, Redman said. Some organizations are looking at ways to ensure the safety of students on their properties. Alpha Delta fraternity will still hold its annual lawn party, although the fraternity is looking to provide a safer environment for students.

"We're concerned about what happened with Psi U," AD President Luke Gentilecore '01 said, referring to the decision of the College to place Psi Upsilon fraternity on a six-week probation for allegedly violating the College's Community Standards of Conduct and Alcohol Policy.

"We're meeting with S&S right now, and we have a few plans," Gentilecore said. "We want to make sure we have all the bases covered before something happens."

Last year, S&S officers conducted physical alcohol checks as mandated by the College's alcohol policy. Etu said that the move towards a safer social norm is not a temporary change, but rather a trend towards "making Dartmouth's the best system around."