Future of Phi Delt property remains foggy

by Amit Anand | 5/24/00 5:00am

The future of the house currently occupied by the Phi Delta Alpha fraternity remains uncertain, as the fraternity's national corporation -- who own the property -- have yet to make a decision since the organization's suspension of recognition last term.

However, Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman indicated a limited number of alternatives are being proposed for the house. He cited that the moratorium on the formation of any new single-sex, residential, selective organizations may limit some of the potential plans that the Phi Delt national corporation may have for 5 Webster Avenue.

"We have no control over the house," Redman said. "When an affiliation is severed, the house no longer falls under the zoning issues directly related to the College," suggesting that the house would have to meet the safety standards of the town of Hanover before being able to house students.

Redman said the College has not been actively pursuing the national corporation, but if the College were to lease the property, it would have three principle uses for it -- regular student housing, graduate housing or housing for an affinity organization.

Brad Crevier '01, president of Phi Delt, noted that current members of the fraternity are talking to Phi Delt alumni and the house corporation to reach a decision. "The Dartmouth Community can expect a statement regarding recent decisions by the administration before the end of the term," he wrote in a message to The Dartmouth.

After Beta Theta Pi fraternity was dissolved by the College in 1996, the house sat empty for more than eight months while the alumni corporation tried to find a use for it. The property at 6 Webster Avenue -- which had to undergo significant renovations after former members vandalized the house -- was finally leased to Alpha Xi Delta sorority in 1997 after the national organization rejected a bid from the College.

Beta's corporation looked towards other alternatives for the property, but "the other options were too complicated," Redman said.

Redman alluded that various campus organizations, including La Alianza, might be interested in leasing the house.

La Alianza President Omar Rashid '00 was unavailable for comment yesterday.

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