Adam Small


A-Rod deal unites the world in hatred of Yankees

Everyone who reads about sports knows about the Alex Rodriguez " New York Yankees marriage. Virtually everyone has asserted that this team will hit better than the 1927 Murderer's Row or the 2003 Cowboy Up Red Sox.

Small Talk - Mo Problems

Maurice Clarett, the superstar (former?) Ohio State Buckeye running back is taking his challenge of the NFL early entry rule to Congress and is finding success.

Athletics are an integral part of Dartmouth history

Athletics have been a way of life at Dartmouth College for years. In the days prior to the founding of the Ivy League, Dartmouth made frequent trips to college athletics' biggest forums, including trips to the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four in 1942 and 1944. Since joining the Ivy League in 1956, Dartmouth has won 105 Ivy League championships in varsity sports and has created a strong legacy in league history.

College students and alumni are often among sports' elite

The Ivy League hasn't been known for its athletic prowess in years. The once mighty league doesn't get mentioned by Chris Berman during the NFL Draft marathon, Charles Barkley doesn't make strange jokes about it for the NBA Draft and the Florida Marlins aren't selling off anyone who went to school in the league.

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