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7 Alternative Ways to Spend Time on the Green

(05/13/17 5:57pm)

Guess what kids, it’s almost summer time again, and everyone’s flocking to the Green like we haven’t seen grass in years. People play games, nap and read, frolicking in the sun like there’s no tomorrow. And that’s all fine and good. But what about those students who want to spend time with their friends yet don’t enjoy the usual activities? Well, this list goes out to them.

How to Deal with the Impending Lack of Obama-Biden Memes

(01/22/17 1:02am)

The day we’ve all been dreading has been thrust upon us: January 20, the day when President-elect Donald Trump swears into office as the leader of the free world, but more importantly, the day when we have to stop posting Obama-Biden memes. The cultural impact of these memes cannot be understated — they might be even more important than the entire body of work of frog memes at large.

The Most Comprehensive Instant Noodle Review

(11/04/16 3:55pm)

With midterms coming up you may find yourself short on time, meaning that treks to FoCo, Collis or even into town for food may become few and far between. Just how will you manage to spend your endless meal swipes (’20s), or your quickly-declining DBA (everybody else) in the most efficient way possible? With the ultimate college solution: instant noodles.

Miller: Censoring Course Reviews

(11/10/14 10:38pm)

The recent faculty vote to open course evaluations ostensibly seems to be a move in the right direction. And in some regards it is — Dartmouth ought to have made course evaluations available to students long ago. The editorial board’s Nov. 7 Verbum Ultimum discussed some of the proposal’s flaws, but it did not highlight some of the most troubling ones. In addition to the “opt-in” clause, which enables faculty members to open course reviews at their discretion, there is also the more troubling ability for faculty members to cherry-pick responses. Faculty members will have a 10-day window to pore over student comments, pull out ones they arbitrarily deem objectionable and submit them to their dean. The professor, then, could decide to censor student comments. Where is the line between truthful negative comments and ones subjectively considered to be inappropriate?

Verbum Ultimum: Open to Change

(11/07/14 1:38am)

On Monday, the faculty of arts and sciences voted to open course reviews to students during course election period. We commend professors for taking this step, and we look forward to choosing our classes with more information. The long-overdue measure should better inform student choices and incentivize both more effective teaching from professors and more thoughtful evaluations from students.