Dartmouth Playlist for ~Lit~ Everyday Life

By Annika Kouhia | 3/5/17 10:20am

Need some songs that truly encompass what everyday life is like here on Dartmouth College Campus? We've got you covered for every moment, from your morning coffee run to your spontaneous evening plans.

Song for when you’re late to class because you waited too long for KAF: “In the Name of Love” – Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha


Don’t try to hide that cup beneath your parka as you sneak in through the side door and slide intoa seat in the back row. Be proud! I support you! 10 a.m. is too early to be asked to consider the equilibrium point of an acidic solution. So revolt! Be the badass you had to prove you were to get into Dartmouth and take a stand. Strut proudly into your Chem 5 class three minutes late and wave that large London Fog with soy milk and an extra shot of vanilla (dear god, I hate myself) in the air. Side note: be careful waving your drink in the air because you paid roughly $1.00 of DBA per ounce for that ish. Overall, though, you made your choice of KAF over class in the name of love and that is honorable af.

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Song for the last sip of that #controversial KAF coffee: “Stay with Me” – Sam Smith

A truly heartbreaking song for a truly heartbreaking moment. Did Sam Smith go to Dartmouth? Because this song is so applicable to the feeling you have as you finish the last sip of your KAF coffee that I have to believe Sam Smith felt this way himself. I mean, honestly, “Stay with me, cause you’re all I need”? I basically whisper this into my empty cup every day in Chem 5 anyway. There’s a reason this song won a Grammy, people. It’s iconic, touching and somehow makes the pain of having to throw out that empty KAF cup a little more bearable. Thank you @Sam Smith for understanding me on such a deep level.

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Song for the shower: “Teenage Dirtbag” – Wheatus

We all know college is not the cleanest of places. We live in a petri dish in the middle of the woods (which explains why you couldn’t breathe out of your nose for the first nine weeks of 16F #freshmenPlague). So when you have the chance to shower, even when it is showering while wearing flip flops in a small stall as you bob and weave to avoid the weird bar of soap someone left in the corner last week, you’ve got to embrace the time. You are a teenage dirtbag. Yes, you are a lovely person, yes, I’m sure you’re hygienic, but also remember that you’ve probably spent time walking through murky puddles in frat basements recently — or at least the murky puddles all but submerging the Green currently. Acknowledge it, embrace it, blast it from your phone lodged precariously on a ledge somewhere in the shower stall.

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Song for when your TA cancels office hours and you can’t handle your work: “Need You Now” – Lady Antebellum

We all know the feeling. Quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now @MY TA. They must have cut the rest of the thought to keep the song concise, because otherwise the song would continue on to say, “this problem set is strange, my brain’s completely drained and I need you now.” What are you to do other than just turn on this country ballad and give up on that class forever when you find yourself in this situation? I mean I guess you could google it, but getting the answer from MathLuvr31415 on Yahoo Answers just isn’t the same.

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Song for your pregame: “MDF Policy Speech”

This song is potentially the greatest Dartmouth hit of all time. If you haven’t heard it, I STRONGLY encourage you to take the time to listen to it now. It’s a mash-up of “Shots” and Phil Hanlon giving a speech about the Dartmouth Moving Forward initiative. What could be more fun?! It’s perfect for the kind of pregame us collegiate nerds love. One part aggressively calling out for shots, and the other part reminding us of the pillars of our community including academic rigor and a safe and healthy environment. There is nothing to hype you up for a fun and safe night out with your friends quite like Phil Hanlon’s voice playing in the back of your mind. #thanksPhil

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Song for when your parents call you at 11 p.m. on a Friday: “Already Gone” – Kelly Clarkson

Did my mom actually want to talk to me? Was this just a carefully plotted plan to see if I spend my weekend nights in the library as she hopes that I do? Idk, man, but it’s a dangerous game. I mean obviously I am in the library on Fridays at 11 (how else am I ever expected to snag a table on 3FB???), but do I answer the phone? Do I risk disturbing my fellow library patrons? Do I risk my parents thinking that, god forbid, I am at a “fraternity”? Spending time playing “pong” and hanging out with “brothers”?!!?! There is no right answer. What a difficult decision. Just play your song and wish that they hadn’t chosen Friday night as the time to call with updates on your grandparents and the state of the front lawn.

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Song for when you lose your friends while frat hopping: “Where Are U Now” – Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber

Is there anything more stressful than losing your friends while you’re out and about exploring the varied and nuanced elements of frat life? Answer: no. In a place where cell service will let you down — yes AT&T, looking at you — and moves are made quickly and spontaneously, there is a good chance that if you lose your group you won’t find them for a while. So next time this happens, take comfort in the brilliant, dynamic chorus from the Biebs as he asks “Where are u now? Where are u now? Where are u now?” Alternative use of the song: play it from your phone speakers as you wander through different frats and hope your friends hear the question and respond.

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Song for when you’re walk-of-shaming in the morning: “Nobody’s Perfect” – Hannah Montana

So you’re walking home in clothes you obviously went out in the night before, with your makeup slightly smudged across your face and your hair in a #trendy messy bun that you slept in. Maybe you slept on a friend’s futon, maybe you passed out in a corner of late night and weren’t noticed until the morning or maybe the absolutely heroic brothers of a fraternity let you crash in a spare bed. All in all, the world knows that there was a point the evening when you forgot that sleeping in your own bed is a social, personal and health priority. Whoops. However, don’t get down the next day. As Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus now? What does she go by officially at this time?) explains, “Nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it, and if I mess it up sometimes, nobody’s perfect.” So yes, it happened. Ideal? Nah. Unforgivable? Probably nah. So keep #doingYou and keep as upbeat and positive as this tune.

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Annika Kouhia