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Martha Stewart Comes to King Arthur Flour

(06/20/14 3:00pm)

As lifestyle expert Martha Stewart mixed the ingredients for her festive holiday stollen in a metal bowl at a sold-out cooking class at King Arthur Flour’s Baking Education Center in Norwich last Wednesday, she insisted that all bakers use a plastic spatula to prevent food waste, just as Stewart’s mother had taught her in her childhood kitchen. The class helped attendees connect with Stewart beyond her television persona, as she told personal stories to enrich her baking lessons.

Around the Ivies

(05/22/14 10:15am)

BROWN UNIVERSITY:Vicki Colvin, a vice provost and professor at Rice University, was named Brown’s 12th provost on Tuesday, The Brown Daily Herald reported. She will replace current provost Mark Schlissel on July 1. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY:A male student found responsible of sexual misconduct by administrators filed a lawsuit against Columbia University on Monday, the Daily Princetonian reported. The student claims that the university violated his Title IX rights and tried to make an example out of him. CORNELL UNIVERSITY:A Cornell staff member found a camera in a women’s bathroom on Friday morning, the Cornell Daily Sun reported. The employee informed a supervisor, who then alerted the Cornell Police. Investigators are examining the images collected by the camera and are trying to identify a male subject who they believe was involved in its installation. HARVARD UNIVERSITY:Harvard’s course and instructor evaluation system will no longer show students’ assessments of course difficulty, the Harvard Crimson reported. Students will still note course difficulty in a feedback form at the end of each semester, but these ratings will only be available to staff. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY:In an email to Forbes College students on Wednesday, Forbes College master Michael Hecht announced that the current Forbes College director of studies, Patrick Caddeau, will be the next dean of the residential college. Caddeau will replace dean John Hodgson. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA:Students are starting a new group for queer international students, the Daily Pennsylvanian reported. The group aims to increase the international queer community’s visibility and to create a forum to discuss the issues students face in their home countries. YALE UNIVERSITY:Secretary of State John Kerry, a Yale alumnus, addressed the Class of 2014 on Sunday’s Class Day, challenging graduates to use their education to combat problems faced in America and globally. He suggested that their diplomas come with “rights and responsibilities,” instead of “rights and privileges,” the Yale Daily News reported.

Oh! The Places You’ll Go: My Brigadeiro

(05/19/14 8:00am)

It’s a big deal when a new sweet shop comes to the Upper Valley. Dazzle Cupcakes generated much buzz after opening last winter, often selling out of cupcakes within two hours of opening shop. Students still complain about Ben and Jerry’s closing in Hanover (Morano Gelato is better anyway), and many make regular trips to West Leb for Ice Cream Fore-U.

Around the Ivies

(05/08/14 4:00pm)

Brown University: A newly-formed task force on sexual assault will submit recommendations by December for improving prevention efforts, campus resources and university policies, the Brown Daily Herald reported. In addition, the university will seek a full-time Title IX coordinator to assume the responsibilities of three existing part-time coordinators.

Around the Ivies

(04/24/14 10:15am)

Brown University: A Brown University student, speaking to a campus conference Tuesday, alleged she was raped and strangled by a fellow student. At the rally, she criticized the university’s disciplinary action against the accused student, who was suspended for a year and will return to campus this fall, the Brown Daily Herald reported. More than 50 students gathered at the press conference, some holding signs supporting the student and criticizing the university’s handling of the case.

Around the Ivies

(04/17/14 9:30am)

BROWN UNIVERSITY: According to a recent poll, just over half of Brown undergraduates said legacy status should not be considered in admissions decisions, The Brown Daily Herald reported. Of the 1,033 students surveyed, 32.5 percent said they “somewhat disagree” with the practice, while 17.6 percent said they “strongly disagree.” COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: Six Columbia professors were awarded this year’s John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships, allowing them to pursue individual projects, the Columbia Spectator reported. The winners are among a group of 178 fellows from across the U.S. and Canada, chosen from a pool of nearly 3,000 applicants. CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Cornell formed a council on hazing prevention, the Cornell Daily Sun reported. In addition to the Greek system, the council will focus on athletic teams, clubs and academic groups. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Harvard held a day of remembrance on Tuesday to mark the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Harvard Crimson reported. On boards set up outside, students wrote messages to first responders and law enforcement officials who assisted in the aftermath of the bombing. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: Princeton and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory received a five-year, $3.5 million grant for nuclear research, the Daily Princetonian reported. It will continue the development of a protocol for testing a warhead’s nuclear content. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: At last weekend’s annual Spring Fling, 22 students were hospitalized for alcohol-related reasons. The weekend tallied 78 “Fling-related incidents,” including criminal investigations and disturbances, loud parties, citations and alcohol transports. The total was below the 99 incidents in 2012, and a slight increase from last year’s 72 reported incidents. YALE UNIVERSITY: Some Yale faculty positions, called “slots,” are likely to start being grouped in a common pool. A statement from the Academic Review Committee, designed to review the allocation of faculty positions across the university, also recommended forming a new committee on faculty resources and keeping the number of faculty fixed.

Oh! The Places You’ll Go: Nathan’s Garden

(04/14/14 7:00am)

Spring has finally sprung here in Hanover, which inevitably means that the Green is seeing its fair share of Frisbee games, picnic lunches and adorable local tots who are out to play. If you’re looking to enjoy some fresh air without the facetime, head down Maple Street to Nathan’s Garden. The botanical garden is tucked in a small valley at the intersection of Maple Street and Downing Road.

Around the Ivies

(04/10/14 11:30am)

Brown University: Brown graduates have the highest average debt of all Ivy League graduates, the Brown Daily Herald reported. The annual report released by the Institute for College Access and Success, a non-profit, revealed that in 2012, Brown graduates left with an average debt of $23,521 per borrower. This marks a 15 percent increase from 2011, when the university’s average student debt was $20,455.

Around the Ivies

(04/03/14 1:00pm)

Brown University: Brown offered admission to 8.6 percent of the 30,432 applicants to the Class of 2018, the lowest acceptance rate in the university’s history, the Brown Daily Herald reported. A record-high 18 percent of admits are first-generation college students, and a record-high 46 percent identify as students of color.

Not just Wolves of Wall Street - Dartmouth Alums in Entertainment

(04/01/14 11:00am)

For most, Dartmouth is associated far more with sending graduates to Wall Street and Capitol Hill than to Hollywood, and the size of associated academic departments only reinforce this perception. Nevertheless, a number of Hollywood titans do call Dartmouth their alma mater. While I'm sure you've come to terms with the fact that the guy who golden-treed you last weekend probably will be making six figures upongraduation, you most likely haven't yet imagined that the girl who sits in front of youin your 10 could be the next Mindy Kaling.

Around the Ivies

(03/27/14 11:30am)

BROWN UNIVERSITY: Brown will expand its Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards program for this summer, the Brown Daily Herald reported. The program, which grants stipends for research projects, will offer 50 additional awards and increase the stipend from $3,000 to $3,500. The expansion aligns with university president Christina Paxson’s recent push to offer students research opportunities.

Around the Ivies

(03/06/14 5:15pm)

BROWN UNIVERSITY: International students comprise 17 percent of Brown’s applicant pool for the Class of 2018, the highest in the university’s history, the Brown Daily Herald reported. Domestically, the university also noted a jump in applicants from the West and Southwest. The Northeast, however, remains overrepresented. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: Despite student concerns regarding a rape crisis and anti-violence support center at Columbia, administrators currently do not plan to change the center’s policies, the Columbia Spectator reported. Students have critiqued the center’s requirement that students present identification to a desk attendant and explain where they are going, which hinders confidentiality. CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Cornell Police issued three crime alerts to the community in the past week, including an alleged rape, a knife threat and a drug-induced assault, according to the Cornell Daily Sun. Police Chief Kathy Zoner said that the police force does not have a reason for the increased number of recent violent crimes. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Michael Bloomberg will deliver Harvard’s Commencement address this spring, the Harvard Crimson reported. Bloomberg graduated from Harvard Business School in 1966 after earning an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: Approximately 20 students were found responsible for plagiarism in a computer science course during the 2012-13 academic year, the Daily Princetonian reported. Lead instructor David Pritchard cited an increase in enrollment over the past several years as a possible cause of the spike in plagiarism. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: After a petition to impeach student body president Abe Sutton reportedly fell one vote short in the Undergraduate Assembly, the student government failed to release a finalized budget for the next academic year, the Daily Pennsylvanian reported. The petition claimed that Sutton was more focused on the title than the responsibility of his position. The Undergraduate Assembly usually finalizes budget decisions before spring break so as to not conflict with election season. YALE UNIVERSITY: Members of the Alcohol Recommendations Implementation Committee began meeting with students to collect feedback on recent alcohol initiatives aimed at reducing high-risk drinking, according to the Yale Daily News. The initiatives included asking the university to sponsor alcohol-free events and improve training on alcohol-related issues.

Tube Talk: Epic Finishes and Heartbreaking Wipeouts from Sochi

(02/20/14 10:00am)

I admit, I struggle to keep up with the Olympics. With so many different competitions and so many different names, how are we be supposed to keep up with everything that happens?! Although it offers a great reason to continue procrastinating readings and papers (in 10 years what will we still be talking about anyway — this assignment or the craziness of the 2014 Olympics?), I still find myself falling behind, a gold medal for couch-lympics nowhere in sight. Now that you have the Olympic playlist to get through the marathon of recaps and live streams, we thought we’d look back at some of the best and worst that Sochi has offered over these weeks. Ready, set, go!

7 Reasons Why the Winter Olympics Are Better Than the Summer Olympics

(02/12/14 11:00am)

Once upon a time in ancient Greece, citizens competed in running, boxing and javelin-throwing events to demonstrate their devotion to Zeus. Some would say that we’ve come a long way since then, with our electronic stopwatches and 24/7 television coverage of the Olympic Games. I would argue, however, that the biggest win in the evolution of the Olympics is that we’ve come up with a completely better version of them — the Winter Olympics.

Around the Ivies

(02/10/14 8:00am)

BROWN UNIVERSITY: Brown University’s New Scientist Program is launching its Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Initiative this semester, the Brown Daily Herald reported. The initiative pairs junior and senior undergraduate science majors with graduate students, who will serve as peer advisors and help them prepare for graduate school. The program is currently training 25 graduate students to serve as mentors.