Not just Wolves of Wall Street - Dartmouth Alums in Entertainment

By Margarette Nelson, The Dartmouth Staff | 4/1/14 7:00am

For most, Dartmouth is associated far more with sending graduates to Wall Street and Capitol Hill than to Hollywood, and the size of associated academic departments only reinforce this perception. Nevertheless, a number of Hollywood titans do call Dartmouth their alma mater. While I'm sure you've come to terms with the fact that the guy who golden-treed you last weekend probably will be making six figures upongraduation, you most likely haven't yet imagined that the girl who sits in front of youin your 10 could be the next Mindy Kaling.

Connie Britton '89

Most recently nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe Award for her role in ABC'sNashville,Connie Britton has also been nominated for an Emmy for her roles inAmerican Horror StoryandFriday Night Lights.In an interview withThe Dartmouth, Britton cited acting in "The Bacchae” as her favorite role of her Dartmouth acting career. Despite knowing she wanted to pursue an acting career, Britton majored in Asian studies with a concentration in Chinese and participated in the Beijing FSP.

Rachel Dratch '88













A veteran comic, Rachel Dratch’sresume includes30 Rock, The King of Queens, the mainstage of Second City and probably most famously,Saturday Night Live.In 2012, she released her autobiographyGirl Walks Into a Bar: Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters and a Midlife Miracle.Dratch said that the Hopkins Center was “so huge in [her] life at Dartmouth" and she, like Tyler, took part in The Hop's 50th Anniversary. In her 2012 interview withThe Dartmouth, Dratch said that aside from the arts, "the first couple years, I wasn't really feeling it," regarding other aspects of her college experience.

Mindy Kaling '01











By now, you're probably well aware of Mindy Kaling's Dartmouth alum status.The Officewriter and cast member reached a new level of notoriety with her show The Mindy Project, which was renewed for a third season earlier this month. Last year, Kaling even earned a spot on theTime 100list. Her 2011 book,Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me,contains a good portion of Dartmouth-related content, and her hilarious comic strip that she wrote forThe Dartmouth, "Badly Drawn Girl" recently resurfaced.A theater major at Dartmouth, Kaling performed with the Dog Day Players and The Rockapellas, and members of Sigma Delta sorority will be quick to claim her as well.

Kamran Pasha '93 Tu’00


















Producer of NBC'sKingsandBionic Woman,Kamran Pasha is also a regular Huffington Post blogger and fiction writer.A devout Muslim, Pasha practiced his faith with discipline during his time at Dartmouth. "I prayed five times a day...the social pressure, the isolation and loneliness of being different, weighed on my heart," he wrote in one of his many HuffPost columns that focus on contemporary issues of Islam

Shonda Rhimes '91














It's no coincidence that characters Meredith Grey ofGrey's Anatomy'sand David Rosen ofScandalboth went to Dartmouth. Shonda Rhimes, dubbed byVanity Fairas the "First Lady of Network Drama," majored in English at Dartmouth. She chose the College because of its small size, describing the campus as "magical —even in the cold winters." Rhimes also wrote forThe Dartmouthand could frequently be found at the Top of the Hop. While she eventually found major critically acclaimed success, early in her career she wroteCrossroads(remember when Britney Spears was in a movie..?) andPrincess Diaries: 2.

Aisha Tyler'92















Whose Line Is It Anyway?host Aisha Tyler played a regular on the first season of CBS'sGhost Whisperer. In addition tofilmsThe Santa Clause2,The Santa Clause 3 and .45,Tyler held recurring roles on24andCSI.Also a writer, Tyler has authored multiple books and contributed to publications includingGlamour,OprahandJane.While at Dartmouth, Tyler sang with The Rockapellas and was a member of The Tabard. She returned in 2012 to participate in The Hop's 50th Anniversary performance,Igniting Imagination.

Margarette Nelson, The Dartmouth Staff