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Effects can't save new 'Matrix'

(05/16/03 9:00am)

Do you happen to remember the golden age of cinema? I am not talking about that age film critics agree upon, some age in the '50s, or somewhere around there. I am referring to an age in the late '80s, or somewhere around there. Well, anyway, it would seem that the golden age of cinema has been revived by the sequel to the blockbuster hit, "The Matrix." Yes, I am referring to "The Matrix Reloaded," or as I like to call it, "Bill & Ted: Reloaded."

May Madness

(05/16/03 9:00am)

It's that time of the year again. The sun is shining (when it's not raining or snowing). The Green is actually green again. It only goes down to 30 degrees now. You sit outside to eat lunch and watch all the hot, shirtless guys playing soccer on the Green, convinced that they were all off last term. Ahh, yes. Spring has arrived at Dartmouth and it's about time too. We've only been waiting for this since October. But it's all good, it's finally here and now we have to celebrate spring the Dartmouth way: by drinking ourselves to oblivion.

A Little Bit of Everything

(05/16/03 9:00am)

More equivocating than Donald Rumsfeld at a press conference, more confusing than Michael Jackson naming his baby "Blanket," just a bit longer-lived than the average mayfly, Green Key is here again. Which is to say little, as we are approaching our least understood excuse for a hedonistic holiday. The only thing I know for certain is that this is no "honor society" -- in fact, there's no real reason for why Green Key exists, but we still participate in it when it comes around once a year. It's kind of like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Dartmouth. You watch a game against the Rays, but you're not sure why.

Alumni achieve success in entertainment world

(05/16/03 9:00am)

Animators Phil Lord '97 and Chris Miller '97 return to campus this Green Key weekend to present a collection of their animated films, including two segments from their MTV series "Clone High, USA." Their edgy adult cartoons, which are currently on hiatus due to an unresolved controversy over the depiction of a 16-year-old genetic clone of Mahatma Gandhi, will grace the Loew Auditorium screen tonight at 7 and 9 p.m.

Hanover businesses provide refreshing beverages

(05/16/03 9:00am)

The middle of May has come and spring should be upon us. Nonetheless, earlier this week the Dartmouth community was still struggling through temperatures in the low-40s and torrential downpours. But have no fear, for as soon as the rain lets up, the town of Hanover, N.H., will be ready to quench your springtime thirst for rejuvenating drinks.