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May 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Hanover businesses provide refreshing beverages

The middle of May has come and spring should be upon us. Nonetheless, earlier this week the Dartmouth community was still struggling through temperatures in the low-40s and torrential downpours. But have no fear, for as soon as the rain lets up, the town of Hanover, N.H., will be ready to quench your springtime thirst for rejuvenating drinks.

If you're looking for a "refreshing" alcoholic beverage, Murphy's bar -- located on Main Street of the town jokingly referred to as "Hangover" -- claims to be the place.

This year's menu includes many fruity newcomers to the line-up, including the "Creamsicle" and a "New Lemon Drop," said Assistant Manager Bill Gelow. The Creamsicle, as Gelow describes it, is a house infused vodka mixed with tangerine and orange juice combined with Orange Cello, a fruity Italian liqueur.

Meanwhile the Lemon Drop puts a new spin on an old favorite. The traditionally sweet vodka drink served in a martini glass rimmed with sugar gets spiced up a bit at Murphy's this season, where it will include not just Absolut Citron vodka, but also a dash of Lemon Cello.

From Murphy's, thirsty revelers can head down Main Street to another Hanover favorite, Molly's, where two-dollar margaritas have been a student favorite, according to Danny Young, Molly's manager. But get there fast, because the two dollar special "only lasts until the temperature hits 90 degrees," leaving some people to hope that the cooler weather persists.

Joining the two-dollar margaritas on the menu are some fruitier specials that compete with Murphy's selection. "Peach on the Beach" features Malibu rum, peach schnapps and orange juice. Joining the peach is the "Italian Surfer with Russian Attitude" featuring Malibu, Amaretto, vodka and cranberry and orange juices.

The Dirt Cowboy Cafe, known for its fresh, hot coffee year-round, but especially in the winter months, has added some spring items to the menu for those looking to gulp down something refreshing without the alcohol.

A gourmet Italian iced drink, the "Granita" -- which comes in raspberry and lemon flavors -- is a springtime favorite at the Cafe. Additionally, iced coffees and mochaccinos see a lot more orders as the temperature rises, and "smoothies shoot right through the roof," said a cashier at the Cowboy.

For those who just can't get enough beer, the spring and summer will also be a good time, Gelow said. Of all the popular summer beers, Gelow said he sees this year's Harpoon summer ale as the favorite " a beer also offered at the campus's Lone Pine Tavern.

But for Green Key weekend some students will turn to the old college staples, such as Keystone Light. And there will be plenty of it. Everywhere you turn.