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May 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
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DOC presents annual awards

The Dartmouth Outing Club thanked its senior leaders and welcomed the new President, Merrick Johnston '05, at a banquet last night at Moosilauke Lodge. Members gathered to eat dinner, recount stories of axe-throwing competitions, and watch the classic film "Schlitz Climbs Mt. Washington" -- a film Dartmouth freshmen see at the conclusion of their Freshman Trips.

The Winter Sports Program and Cabin and Trail -- the largest club within the DOC -- gave out several awards. Two formal awards were given out by the forestry team, according to Cabin and Trail Co-President Eleanor Alexander '04, as well as several other informal prizes.

DOC President Joseph Hanlon '05 described the banquet as "a tradition, a way for the outgoing President to recognize the new President." According to Hanlon, the exchange of patches and small prizes is a way to bring everyone together at the end of the year. He also noted that the night might often inlvoled some line dancing, including the "Salty Dog Rag," also of Freshman Trip fame.

The two formal awards, the Robert C. and Augusta S. Awards are presented each year to a male and female member of the forestry team who "provide inspiration and leadership to stimulate and involve woodsmen." There is special emphasis on sharing event-specific techniques with others because, as Alexander pointed out "these skills must be handed down."

Kim Iwamoto '03 and John McCall-Taylor '03 were this year's recipients. Iwamoto, who is captain of the forestry team, has been member for four years and is a talented axe-swinger and sawer. This year in a meet held at Colby College she "stepped up and did a two person vertical-chop event by herself," according to Alexander.

According to Alexander, McCall-Taylor is known for his "old-school" skills, which including sharpening and tool-care. Alexander also said that McCall-Taylor is at Oak Hill, where the team practices, almost everyday.

Lauren Hendrickson '04 was also recognized for her dedication to the team. Hendrickson worked to rebuild the privies along the 75 miles of the Appalachian Trail that the Forestry team maintains. Her latest project, the privy at Velvet Rocks, is the closest to Hanover.

Pete Bohler '03 was also recognized for his "fervor, zest, and zeal," which he has demonstrated in his cooking classes and club involvement.

Another notable member of the DOC who was recognized at last night's ceremony was Helen Wilson '05. Wilson led the largest DOC trip this year, a spring break trip that took a group of members to climb Big Bend in Texas. She was thanked for her hard work and initiative.

The Winter Sports Program also presented several members with planned but informal awards. Pete Brewitt '03 and Phillip Marvin '03, both seniors, received recognition for their leadership and dedicated service.