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May 28, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

DOC showcases outdoor fun

Green Key weekend gives Dartmouth students a great occasion to enjoy spring in New Hampshire. Outdoor activities offering fresh air, exercise and opportunities for relaxation await students who venture beyond the frat basement.

Dartmouth's location affords its students many unique opportunities. Alex Kirigin '06 enjoys the woods. "My favorite activities outdoors include camping -- not car camping." However, he concedes that he has yet to make his plans for the weekend. Students like Kirigin can look to a number of local resources for suggestions and outdoor equipment.

The Dartmouth Outing Club will mark the start of Green Key weekend with an "All DOC Day" today along Mass Row. The DOC will be showcasing its offerings from the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club, the Ledyard Canoe Club and the Cabin and Trail Club. Booths will be manned by outdoors enthusiasts who will answer all questions regarding their club or activity.

Local businesses are ready to provide essential outdoor gear for active students. Omar and Bob's bike and apparel shop offers repair services to students who are excavating their bikes from a winter's worth of crud. Both Omar and Bob's and the Dartmouth Co-op offer Frisbees for tournaments or leisurely passes. This Green Key weekend, the Co-op is also offering sales on warm weather clothes like shorts, tee shirts, and tank tops.

If you're not sure where to start on your hike, the Dartmouth Bookstore offers an extensive selection of trail guides, area maps, and camping guides for those who plan to hit the trails.

Many students see Green Key as an opportunity to party hard, but improving spring weather also gives them healthy ways to recover from long nights, and a lot of students do take advantage of the sun.

"I like to read and just hang out, play Frisbee," said Nathan Hamilton '06, who sees outdoor lounging as a great way to relax.

Kelsey Rush '05 enjoys the simple pleasures of sun bathing. "Sitting on the Green -- it's a good way to spend time in the sun," Rush enthused.

Some students are planning to spend almost the entire weekend outdoors. Kim Ballard '02 and Peter Brewitt '03 are DOC members who plan to take their Green Key activities to the extreme.

"I plan to bike to the Moosilauke lodge, hike up Moosilauke and have dinner at the lodge," Ballard said.

Brewitt, who is the vice president of the Dartmouth Birding Society, plans to spend Green Key weekend in Vermont.

"A bunch of birders will be going to Vermont," Brewitt said. Once at the camping site, these aviary enthusiasts will devote 24 consecutive hours to identifying birds by sight and call.

Fortunately, fans of fresh air can look forward to a rewarding Green Key weekend. Weather forecasts predict mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures today through Sunday.