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Pass the Valium

(05/09/00 9:00am)

I've been doing lots of apologizing lately -- as well as lots of re-evaluation of exactly where the blame lies. You see, in my supreme arrogance, I repeatedly tried to explain to the four friends with whom I plan on blocking next year how, with one of the best numbers in the class, we are guaranteed to get some sort of decent housing. After all, I know of sophomores living in every cluster on campus this year -- why wouldn't the same hold for next year? Especially considering fewer rooms will be taken by freshmen next year since they're all being crammed into the River (the poor '04s never got a shot!).

Skiway lodge will be demolished today

(05/09/00 9:00am)

The 44-year-old Robert Peter Brundage Lodge at the Dartmouth Skiway is set to be demolished today, with its replacement, the new McLane Family Lodge, scheduled to be opened before the start of the next ski season. The McLane Lodge -- named after contributor Andy McLane '69 -- will be a two-story, 16,000-square-foot facility capable of accommodating the more than 40,000 annual visitors to the Dartmouth Skiway in Lyme.

Empty Votes

(05/08/00 9:00am)

An elderly woman stands alone in a drab, yellowish room surrounded by voting booths. At a first glance, one would assume that the room is some type of storage room, perhaps where the voting booths are stored when they aren't being used. But then reality sets in. This is Primary Day 2000 in Washington, D.C. This is a polling place in the capital city of the world's most powerful democracy and it has been able to attract only one voter, coming to cast her empty vote.

Nickerson has 'team first' attitude

(05/05/00 9:00am)

It's not about numbers for Dartmouth baseball's team captain Brian "B-Nick" Nickerson '00. He doesn't even know his batting average or the fact that he is second in the league at .387 (only .002 from first), or that he's tied for first in homeruns with a career-high of 10. Nickerson just goes out to play and lead by example, and he tops the team in average, home runs, RBIs (47) and slugging percentage (.669) while starting all of the 40 games this season.

Millennium March Pride

(05/05/00 9:00am)

Although I went to the Millennium March on Washington for Equality, I have never really considered equal rights a "cause" of mine. This doesn't mean that it is something I do not take seriously. In fact, my stance on the issue probably tends to oversimplify it. Whereas I can see the double-sided nature of many opinions I hold, I do not really see how there is any other side to argue when it comes to granting people equal rights. Every human being has and should be treated with the same rights. It seems like one of those "the sky is blue"- type truths that is beyond debate.